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Managed is a UAE based, American-owned Company and is a leading provider of unique and innovative solutions in Online Business Threat Management, Brand Abuse Monitoring and Managed Cyber Security Services for high profile Government and private sector organizations. In addition, we offer secure cloud services to Small and Medium businesses. Managed has been providing its services since 2008 in the region and has built its portfolio on decades of experience in running global networks.
Most of our tools are internally created using advanced technologies including machine learning, artificial intelligence and expert systems.
We also have significant expertise in building advanced and complex big data applications and security appliances

Leading Edge of Secure Online Services – Creating Unique Cybersecurity Products and Services for the Region

Built around the concept of safeguarding our client’s information and IT infrastructure – we enable our clients to focus on their business growth without worrying about their IT and online security. Managed’s customer base includes Government organizations, telecom operators, finance, aviation, media and news organizations. Managed’s obsessive focus on customer service is built around its large 24x7x365 NOC/SOC and Monitoring Center in Dubai, which provides proactive monitoring and client support services.

Our Vision
Our vision is to become a trusted leader in creating cool and innovative products and services for online monitoring and protection
Our Mission
Our Mission is to monitor and protect the reputation and infrastructure of our global customers, by creating and utilizing cool, innovative and cutting edge technology products and services, backed by an obsessive focus on support – which helps them shine and excel and become leaders in their markets.


Be ethical, trustworthy, and have personal accountability
Take care of the customers FIRST! – Keep them happy
Be efficient, flexible, quick in decision-making, and anticipatory
What we create has to be cool and differentiated from others
Support each other, be respectful to all, and be professional
Generate and implement new ideas
Have passion for work and deliver brilliance in results

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