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BrandHawk: Online Brand Threat Monitoring Service

Leading Government organizations & successful private-sector businesses are facing grave threats online. There’s not a day that goes by without hearing of the hacking of a major organization’s website through fake profiles, phishing software injection, DNS poisoning, or uploaded malware.

BrandHawk provides an all-inclusive online brand threat detection & mitigation service, combining advanced monitoring software & algorithms with human vigilance & analysis

Companies and organizations in the government and a wide spectrum of business sectors use BrandHawk as their go-to tool to discover and eliminate brand abuse. The system uses a variety of tools and detection software, with all the results analyzed by real humans, and then displayed on a custom-built dashboard, perfect for a NOC/SOC environment

Here’s how it’s done:

  • BrandHawk combs the Internet and Darkweb for any fake profiles, phishing websites, fake jobsites, leaked confidential data, and more.
  • All alerts are manually verified by our analysts in our Online Threat Center in the UAE
  • All confirmed data is placed on the real-time dashboard, which shows current and historic threats, along with reports and alerts, in one secure location
  • Upon getting approval from the client we actively file takedowns and take actions to mitigate the threats


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