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Hawk-i: VVIP & Government Officials Profile Security

On the Internet, there are dozen, perhaps hundreds, of profiles of prominent figures in business and politics, which turn out to be fake. These fake profiles post derogatory and contradictory information, which can, and does, spoil and smear the reputation of the actual person, who may not hold those views at all. But these accounts are very good at disguising the truth, and a person can spend days looking for these fake accounts.

Hawk-i is a powerful VVIP online reputation protection report system that hunts down fake profiles and derogatory articles online, relays the results to the real person, and takes down the offending profiles and articles

Hawk-i detects and classifies all online content and accounts based on a set threat criteria. A detailed report is then produced, which shows the level of the VVIP’s online reputation safety. Once authorized, the system, one-by-one, takes down the derogatory information and accounts, which then can give way to more positive articles, which builds the reputation of the VVIP.

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