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Managed Security Threat Advisory Service

Companies know that they need Cybersecurity threat intelligence feeds to protect their infrastructure and mitigate their risks. But the number of alerts are growing exponentially. Everyday hundreds of alerts are issued. Most IT organizations subscribe to these feeds but most of feeds have data that may not be relevant to the Company's IT infrastructure or the region. Because of these irrelevant feed and so much "noise" - the important and relevant threats are missed. This results in breaches and data loss that could have been avoided.

Get relevant and actionable Cybersecurity alerts - customized for your infrastructure and region - the threats that matter to you!

Under the Managed Security Advisory (MSA), our threat intelligence system collects data feeds from hundreds of vendors and threat feed providers. An intelligent system matches your infrastructure, region of interest and threat information requirements to the incoming feeds and presents to our Threat Analyst the relevant information. Our Threat Analyst then reviews the feed to ensure that its relevant and actionable. Once we confirm that this impacts our client then we create an advisory that included threat mitigation actions.


This level of intelligent analysis and manual validation ensures that when our clients get an advisory from us, its important and relevant and it impacts their system’s security and they can act upon it. They only get advisories that matter to their infrastructure – thereby saving them time and headache.


In addition to the timely Threat Advisory, our MSA clients also receive our Daily Cybersecurity Briefing in the morning, which allows them to become up to date with the latest Cybersecurity related incidents and threats, in less than a minute. There is also a audio version of the briefing that can be heard while driving to work – further saving our clients time and keeping them in the know.

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