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RADIUS: Internal Security Assessment

Let’s face it, IT departments are almost always in over their heads with the amount of work that’s handed to them. There’s always something to fix, install, repair, download, monitor, record, or delete, and these all have to be done concurrently. On top of that, the pressure to keep the company’s infrastructure running at peak performance, and the task of monitoring unwanted traffic adds to the workload.

RADIUS is a complete audit and review of a company’s internal network infrastructure and architecture, which highlights any and all weak points found, and gives actionable methods to removing those vulnerabilities

RADIUS gives a detailed report of the internal network architecture, along with:

  • Hardware and software inventory
  • Vulnerability scan of all servers
  • LAN traffic collection and analysis
  • Internal and external penetration tests
  • WiFi security assessment
  • Assistance in crafting a proper IT usage policy for the company

RADIUS is a quick way of bringing visibility to uncover the risks to your IT infrastructure and consequently, the business itself, along with methods on how to mitigate and eliminate weak points and vulnerabilities.

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