The Managed Services market is changing and MSPs need to adapt

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The Managed Services market is changing and MSPs need to adaptMarch 9, 2014. To kick off this blog – lets start by introducing ourselves. We are a Managed Services Provider that is rather unique in that, even though we provide remote monitoring and management and the typical suite of managed IT services, we also do a fair amount of custom software development and create rather cool corporate and mobile applications. Finally we are getting on the social media bandwagon to “spread the word” as we see Managed Services in terms of ground reality of dealing with demanding customers and challenging clients.

The events of the past year have seriously changed the landscape for Managed Service Providers (MSP). These events have put the fear of unknown outside forces roaming without any bounds, in networks, servers and desktops etc., in the hearts of companies IT departments and senior management. Companies now are extremely concerned about the privacy of their data. We are finding that customers who were once fairly ambivalent about the location of their monitoring data location are now paranoid. No IT manager wants to find out that someone has been taking their corporate data and viewing it.

These companies are demanding to know what is being installed on their systems, what data is being extracted, where is it going, what is being done with it, what are security precautions etc. Questions which are valid but people seemed to gloss over them earlier. Now we see that they want to make sure that ideally their monitoring data stays on-site. They are very uneasy with putting proprietary agents on their desktops and servers etc. These and other requirements which we will discuss in this series of blog entries, show that the events of recent times are impacting what is being asked of MSPs.

Some MSPs are adapting to these change and other are still clinging to what they know – even though all the signs are pointing in a different direction. New managed services models are emerging that take into account ensuring the privacy of customer data yet still allowing MSPs the ability to monitor clients network and computing infrastructure. Those MSPs who take the leap and get to the forefront are the ones who will reap the rewards in grabbing market share. The ones that can answer the client’s difficult questions, they will be the future market leaders (to be continued…)

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