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Managed Brandhawk alpha reduces credit card fraud for banksDecember 8, 2015. Welcome back to the Managed Blog. Let’s get started with today’s topic. In our modern online marketplace, companies are at risk on all fronts. Banks are especially high-value targets. In their databases, they store credit card numbers, account balances, and loads of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Hackers are finding more and more ways to get themselves inside “high-end” security precautions. For example, they can use fake social media profiles. Using these, they can create phishing campaigns, and send malware- and Trojan-ridden emails to banks. They now have access to every single bit of stored data, and can sell them off to Darkweb carding marketplaces, or shared with their accomplices, who try to withdraw money from ATMs around the world. In any case, it’s a lose-lose situation for banks. The figures from such online heists are mind-blowing. For example, on December 1, 2015, two men from Staten Island, NY, were prosecuted by the US Federal government for taking part in a credit card fraud that stole $200 million. The risks from such threats are too great and numerous to ignore. But, there are solutions.

There are ways to mitigate these threats. Most are not all that hard to do. First, it’s a good idea to monitor your company’s social media channels, and look out for any suspicious activity. Second, monitor your management’s social media accounts to ensure they are not hijacked. If these accounts get taken over, hackers can and will post phishing messages that can tempt even the most cautious of users. Third, visit Darkweb carder marketplaces to ensure that none of your data is present there. If there are any traces of your data, that means that there could be a possible breach in your company’s security infrastructure. Finally, it’s a very good idea to run internal and external security assessments on your security infrastructure regularly, to ensure the safety of your company’s network.

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