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SONAR: Managed Security Service

Today, the threats to an organization’s credibility can come from anywhere - from website defacement to APT, phishing attacks to brand abuse. Anyone and everyone is a target of these crimes. Log monitoring or examining SNMP information is not enough, and not every anomaly in the logs is a hack. Organizations require credibility and a solid public image, and nothing blows credibility away like a down server, broken application, missing content, or poor site performance.

SONAR is a complete managed security service that secures, monitors and manages Networks, Firewalls Servers and other IT infrastructure

SONAR monitors many factors and information points of a company’s infrastructure and online presence, like:

  • Hardware
  • Operating System
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Web services
  • Applications
  • Online content
  • Brand abuse
  • Social Media abuse
  • Phishing domains

And more. This ensures that a company’s systems are not only secure but are also up and running, showing the content that they need to and performing efficiently.


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