UAE-based Cybersecurity Company helps Reduce Credit Card Fraud and Online Threats for Local Banks

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UAE based company helps reduce Credit Card Fraud and Online threats for Local BanksDUBAI, UAE – December 8, 2015: Banks today are under a serious threat on both internal and external fronts, despite the “high-end” security precautions that are being implemented. Hackers are using innovative ways of breaking this “security” shield. They are using fake online sites and false social media profiles to create phishing campaigns that can get their Malware and Trojans inside the bank’s IT systems. Once the confidential data is stolen, it is either sold on the Darkweb carding marketplaces or shared among “mules” who try to withdraw funds from ATMs around the world. Either way, the Banks suffer huge losses.

Approached by a renowned acclaimed UAE bank, BrandHawk Alpha service from Managed succeeded in providing the bank with an online and social media threat assessment. Following an in-depth analysis to the final assessment, BrandHawk Alpha found highly confidential information being disclosed by employees on social media and professional profile sites. In one case, the system discovered that the social media account of one of the top senior directors had been hijacked. In addition, stolen credit card numbers including CVV codes and credit limit information on carder sites were also found. BrandHawk Alpha team shared the information with the Bank’s security and compliance teams who took appropriate action.

As part of the its BrandHawk Alpha assessment service, UAE’s “Managed” discovered stolen credit card data and took down fake social media profiles that were used for phishing

With the BrandHawk Alpha service from Managed, organizations can quickly sign up for a comprehensive online and social media threat assessment. The process generally takes 2-3 weeks and includes a complete audit and archive of all the relevant information about the organization, its management, its brand and its employees on social media, online blogs, Darknet and other online platforms. A detailed analysis of the findings and the threat level includes information about the risks and recommendation on risk mitigation.

BrandHawk Alpha can be repeated on a quarterly basis or clients can sign up for the full fledged BrandHawk service which offers continuous brand abuse monitoring and cyber threat mitigation and takedowns. The BrandHawk and BrandHawk Alpha are offered via proprietary systems developed by Managed and supported by a 24x7x365 monitoring center based in Dubai, UAE. In addition, organizations can also use the Managed Radius and Sonar services for integrated internal and external visibility into threats.

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Managed is a leading provider of innovative solutions in Online Threat Management, Brand Abuse Monitoring and Managed Cyber Security Services for high profile Government and private sector organizations. Built around the concept of safeguarding our client’s information and IT infrastructure – we enable our clients to focus on their business growth without worrying about their IT and online security.

Managed’s customer base includes Government organizations, telecom operators, finance, aviation, media and news organizations. Managed’s obsessive focus on customer service is built around its large 24x7x365 NOC SOC and Monitoring Center in Dubai, which provides proactive monitoring and client support services.

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