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Secure Cloud Services

For small and medium businesses, we provide Secure and Fully Managed Website and Application Hosting, Secure Email and Secure File sharing services.

Let us take care of your Web infrastructure and email and keep it available and secure - Contact Us today for more information!

Secure Managed Hosting:
Your website is the public face of your company. It reflects your company’s brand and image in the market. We make sure that this image and brand is protected by ensuring that your website is always up, always secure and showing what you intended to show to the world. We provide every type of hosting solution; from shared webhosting to complex geo-redundant hosting across multiple data centers in three different continents – and everything in between. We host websites for highly visible media and private sector companies, Government organizations and SMB enterprises. We also create bespoke web application hosting solutions which meet and exceed your requirements. So whether you are a new company just  starting out or someone who has already established themselves, we have a package to suit your requirements and your budget

Secure Email Service:
Managed:Email is a comprehensive secure email management service that provides long-term archiving, backup and restoration, spam and virus filtering, and advanced email security services. This ensures that your business emails are safe and secure before they leave or enter the business or organization’s network.

With our Managed:Email service, you will be able to track and view every email coming in and going out of
your employees’ mailboxes – so that you can be aware of exactly who is doing what and avoid nasty surprises later.

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