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Strategic Consulting

Managed Security team brings decades of hands-on Cybersecurity expertise in diverse and complex projects. We provide advisory and system development and integration services for creating Secure Organizations. Typical projects include: Creating secure email communications infrastructure for senior management, Encrypted data servers locally and internationally, Corporate IT security policies, Custom Honeypots and DLP strategies for organizations of all sizes and NOC and SOC setup.

Security policies, Secure organizations, Encrypted Communications, Hardend servers and infrastructure, NOC and SOC setup and staffing

Strategy: We advise senior management and IT department heads on creating secure organizations using off-the-shelf and custom solutions

Systems: We create secure and extremely private email systems, webs servers, application servers, secure smartphone communications infrastructure and custom honeypots for senior Government and Corporate executives who value their company’s privacy and intellectual property

Policies: We create the corporate policy infrastructure that teaches safe-computing to your organization and monitor its compliance

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